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Rachel Club Manager
20 June 2021 | Rachel Club Manager

Why buy wine online? Benefits and tips

There are so many advantages to every way of purchasing wine, but right now, the option to stay in and make your selections online from the comfort of your couch (and uggs) is pretty appealing.

Buying wine online can offer convenience and open up a range of added opportunities for wine lovers, like the option to carefully read reviews and take your time to find the best wine for your occassion -  and often buy it straight from the winery. If buying wine online sounds like the thing for you, read further to discover the list of benefits and tips to get the best drop for your online dollar!

Take Your Time to Make a Decision

Buying wine online gives you the option to really mull over your choice before you commit to it. You have the opportunity to read full tasting notes, do a bit of research on the wine you’re buying, and read reviews to see what other people thought of it without worrying about opening hours, traffic, or rushing your decision.

Buying online gives you all the time you need to fully consider a greater number of options, with plentiful information often available for each bottle at any time that suits you.

Delivered Straight to Your Door

While you may not have the benefit of getting your wine straight away, ordering online does allow for you to have your favourite bottles shipped directly to your door. You might have to patiently wait a few days for your order to arrive, but isn’t the anticipation of a good wine nearly as good as the wine itself? Ok, that's a stretch, but we all love receiving a delivery - am I right?!

While it might take a bit longer than going down to the bottle-shop, having the option to browse bottles while sipping on a glass of wine, and then having them shipped directly to you; that’s a convenience that’s hard to beat!

Buy Directly From the Winery

Buying online allows you to buy directly from the winery itself which means you are supporting the producer in the best way possible. This means your purchase goes directly to the place producing your wine, a great way to ensure your favourite wineries stay afloat during times like these. It means we can keep doing what we love best - making you delicious wine! It also means you have the chance to stay in touch with us, so that you can receive special offers, and often find wines not available elsewhere! 

Have I made a good case? Have a browse and set yourself up with a case of your own... of our cool climate wines from Pipers River. And remember, club members get even more benefits for shopping online with us, so why not pour yourself a glass and have a wander around our website! 

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Rachel - Club Manager


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